Forecast Astrology

The movement of planets create patterns and energy changes that effect our lives continuously .

By understanding the astrological cycles in our lives we can get in touch with our inner
 timing .



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Future Trends   Sample     
Basic Forecast    Sample
Secondary Progressed    Sample
Many Happy Returns Solar Return    Sample
Daily Mini-Minder   Sample

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TimeLine: 27 pages - Transits, progressions, and eclipse information are all integrated into one report. Great report for an overview for the year.  Intermediate and major transits are covered.
1 year  $12  $10         Sample

Starlight Solutions Forecast: 40 pages for the year - The longer transits including Jupiter out to Pluto are explained with positive and negative possibilities. Then advise is given to help make wise decisions. The basic format is down to earth and practical with easy to understand interpretations. 
1 year $15
 $12          Sample

Forecast Report (with asteroids): 80 pages - Sensitively and clearly written in paragraph form with the dates of your transits for the year. This report includes the cyclic activity with Chiron and the major asteroids. Explantions of how asteroid activity reflects cycles in your life is uncanny.These are intermediate and long term transits.   
6 months
$10   1 year
$18   $15                 Sample

Forecast Report in Spanish: 30 pages - Without asteroids only.
1 year  $12    $10         Sample in Spanish

Astro-Forecast Report: 70 pages for the year - Meticulous interpretations providing clear perceptions of the cycles you will be experiencing .    
6 months $10   1 year
  $15      Sample

Solar Writer Dynamic: 10 pages per year -  Major transits reveal your most long term transits that have the greatest impact on your life.  Includes graphs to show cycles.
    1 year  $10         3 years   $15      Sample

Destiny & Decisions: 22 pages for the year - This is also transit report  in paragraph form with the particular dates of your transits for the year similar in format to the Forecast Report above. This report has a definate and unique style of forecasting being extremely clear and simple,  yet cover a tremendous amount of information leading you to subltle levels of insight. Intermediate and major transits are covered.
 1 year  $12    $10      Sample
SkyLog: 80 pages for the year - Takes on a storybook format and less of a calendar approach to forecasting. However, dates are still included. Breaks down coverage of your cycles from the most major to the more minor ones, including secondary progressions.
6 months  
$12   $10       1 year   $20    $15            
Sample shows 3 months

Future Trends: 26 pages for the year - This transit report is written similar in format to that of Destiny and Decisions.  Intermediate and major transits are covered. Author is Adze Mixxe.
 1 year  $12   $10           Sample

Saturn's Promise:  27 pages - This report focuses on Saturn, the planet of responsibility and maturity in the birth chart and the major cycles it can produce throughout one's life. 
  $10       Sample

Jupiter's Promise: 18 pages - Jupiter is the planet of optimism and expansion and promotes the positive things that we all would like to experience. This report focuses on Jupiter in the birth chart and the major Jupiterian cycles that can be produced throughout one's life.     $10    Sample

The Jupiter Report: 17 pages - Throughout our life Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion goes through phases in relationship to the planets and points in our birth chart. This report leads you through these phases. Graphics in the report can add to  a more visual sense to the report.  
$10      Sample   (PDF file )

AstroJourney: 20-25 pages - This forecast report is written for teenagers in their late teens and young adults. It is written by an astrologer and her children in their teens and early twenties.
w1 year  
$12   $10          Sample


FOCUS ON LOVE AND BUSINESS                          

Love and Romance Forecast: 1 year is 50 pages - For those asking when you might meet someone and have a love relationship this report will forecast your astrological cycles revealing when such "windows" of opportunity will occur. It also explains the ups and down cycles you may be experiencing in regard to relationship matters.
 1 year   $10

 Compatibility Composite Forecast: 1 year is 25 pages - The composite chart combines two peoples' charts into one new one. this forecast technique explores intermediate and major transits effecting the composite chart, therefore theoretically effecting the relationship. 
 1 year  
$15   $10         Sample

Business Forecast: 1 year is 22 pages - For those asking when it is a good time to start a new business this report will forecast your astrological cycles revealing what your business astrological cycles are.
1 year   
$12   $10    Sample



Secondary Progressed: 15 pages - Offers an overall picture of the year ahead based on the "one day for a year" secondary progession technique. Although this concept of time may be unusual to the layman the report is provides perspective and is easy to understand.     $10   $8     Sample

Life Progression: 12 pages - Also offers an overall picture of the year ahead. Life Progressions is also based on the "one day for a year" secondary progression technique. This particular report adds progressed information in relationship to the natal chart.      $12   $8             Sample

Lunar Phase Report : 9 pages - It takes approximately 28 years for the secondary progressed moon to pass through 8 major phases of light: 1)New, 2)Crescent, 3)First Quarter, 4)Gibbous, 5)Full, 6)Disseminating, 7)Third Quarter and 8)Balsamic.  We are all born during a particular phase, which is influential as any important planet in the birth chart. As we live our lives the light lunar phases change offering important insight to the waning and waxing cycles in our personal lives.     $12        Sample 

Solar Arc Predictions: 3 pages plus introduction - This system of progressions, known as primary directions moves the motion of all planets "one day for a year"  to the identical movement of the Sun. An accurate birth time is needed.     3 years.  $7                Sample

The Birthday Report : 18 pages -  The beginning of the report shows your natal and solar return charts with an overview of the year. The report reviews each of the planets and major points with house information in the solar return chart.  Solar return planet aspects to birth chart planets are then interpreted.  Graphs at the end of the report show how solar return results can alter in different parts of the US and around the world. These locations cannot be altered as they are a part of the programming. The Koch house system is standard unless another is requested.
Sample  (PDF file)

Solar Return Report: 18 pages - Each year around your birthday you have a new astrological chart created. This type of chart when interpreted describes insight to the year ahead. The solar return chart is thoroughly analyzed as well as compared in relationship to the natal chart for further understanding.
$10   $8           Sample 

Solar Return Report in Spanish:    $10   $8      sample in Spanish

Many Happy Returns: 21 pages - Indepth delineation of the solar return. Does only a most major comparison to the natal chart at the end of the report.    $8              Sample 

Planets in Solar Return: 35 pages - Interpretation of the solar return includes planetary retrogrades, and quadrant and hemisphere analysis. Planets in SR includes a nice introduction explaining the academics about the solar return chart. It does not compare the solar return to the natal chart.
$15   $10      Sample 

Solar Return Predictions: 45 pages - Approaches different aspects of the yearly solar return chart using various original techniques. Tremendous amount of informative reading.    $18   $12           Sample

Journey Returns: 38 pages - This solar return report applies the methods of the Alexandre Volguine (1903-1976), a French astrologer who, in 1937, first published his 15 years of research on Returns.  Thoughout his life he continually updated his work in editions named "La Technique des Revolutions Solaires." Does a nice job exploring the solar return chart within itself and comparing it to the natal chart.
 $18   $12               Sample


FOCUS ON DAILY CYCLES                           

Mini Minder Forecast Report: 90 pages - Approaches forecasting with a daily focus opposed to an intermediate or long range focus. Interpretations are simple and  straight to the point. 
6 months   $10,     1 year   $18   $15       Sample

 The Daily Forecast Report: 90 pages for the year - Focuses on your energies daily based on the strongest aspects effecting you day-to-day.
 6 months $15   $10 ,  1 year  $20   $15     Sample

Future Trends Lunar Report: 25 pages monthly - All transits in this report are based on cycles in effect from the Moon. Because of the speed of the Moon each transit passes quickly and could very often reflect passing moods. The focus of this report is on daily activity. Written by Axde Mixxe. 
6 months $18   $10,  emailed 1 year  $30   $15      Sample

Advanced Forecast Lunar Report: 20 pages monthly - As with the Future Trends Lunar Report all transits in this report are based on cycles in effect from the Moon. Because of the speed of the Moon each transit passes quickly and could very often reflect passing moods. The focus of this report is on daily activity. Written by Gina Ronco.
6 months $18   $10,  1 year  $30   $1       Sample                                                          


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